APNewsBreak: Gacy case helps solve unrelated death

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CHICAGO (AP) — Four decades after John Wayne Gacy lured more than 30 young men and boys to his Chicago-area home and strangled them, his case has helped authorities solve another killing — one he didn't commit.

Budget Deficit Drops By 6% In Last Year

Budget Deficit Drops By 6% In Last Year

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The UK budget deficit has fallen to its lowest level since the financial crisis five years ago. Official figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show the shortfall in tax revenues over Government spending fell to £107.7bn in the 12 months to the end of March. It was slightly lower than forecast by the Office for Budget Responsibility, in the March Budget delivered by Chancellor George Osborne. The figures come as the European Union's statistical agency, Eurostat, said governments across the 28-country bloc recorded lower budget deficits in 2013.

Former Fortune 500 exec indicted in fatal NH crash

Is Boris On His Bike Back To Westminster?

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London Mayor Boris Johnson has insisted he is "getting on with his job" amid renewed speculation he will stand as an MP in next year's general election. Speaking to Sky News outside his home, Mr Johnson sought to shrug off rumours he will run for Parliament in 2015.

Murder Probe As ‘Disabled’ Children Found Dead

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Sky sources say the three children – a four-year-old girl and two three-year-old boys – were disabled and had "life-limiting genetic conditions". A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: "We are not looking for anyone else in connection with this incident." Sky's Joe Tidy, at the scene, said a South African couple – named locally as Gary and Tania Clarence – moved into the house with their four children around six months ago. Mr Clarence, a director at Investec Bank, and his eldest child are abroad, and are travelling back today.

‘Bridgegate’ scandal threatens next World Trade Center tower

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By Hilary Russ NEW YORK (Reuters) – The "Bridgegate" scandal that rocked New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's administration earlier this year is threatening a deal that would allow developer Larry Silverstein to finish building the next World Trade Center skyscraper. Silverstein needs a guarantee from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to secure a $1.2 billion construction loan for 3 World Trade Center. On Wednesday, the agency's board will vote on whether to approve that guarantee, part of a deal that would provide hundreds of millions of dollars more to the Port Authority and allow it to foreclose on the $2.4 billion tower if Silverstein cannot pay debt service costs. But Silverstein's deal, even with the concessions to the Port Authority, has become entangled in a fierce debate within the agency over its mission, including whether it should be in the real estate business at all.

Violence Falls 12% As Alcohol Prices Increase

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An increase in alcohol prices has led to a 12% fall in violent crime in England and Wales, according to a new survey. Researchers from Cardiff University found just under 235,000 people were treated in hospital after a violent incident in 2013 – nearly 33,000 fewer than 2012. They said there is a clear link between a fall in binge drinking, which has become more expensive in recent years, and better behaviour. There has been a steady decrease in violent crime every year for the past six years.

UK economy picking up speed – Bank of England


Britain's economic recovery is gaining momentum but Bank of England policymakers held different views about the amount of slack in the economy and the medium-term inflation outlook, minutes from their April 9 meeting showed. The Bank expects the economy grew by 1 percent in the first three months of this year from the fourth quarter of 2013, up slightly from a previous growth forecast of 0.9 percent, the minutes showed. Economists at the Bank expected a slight slowdown in the April-June period. Members of the Monetary Policy Committee also thought it was "possible" that a sustainable rise in real wages, consistent with a durable recovery, was on the way.

Dying Teen’s Fundraising Page Hits £1m

Lavoro, papa Francesco: Compiere ogni sforzo per i disoccupati

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"Cari operai, cari fratelli – ha aggiunto il papa Jorge Bergoglio – sui vostri volti erano dipinte una profonda tristezza e le preoccupazioni di padri di famiglie che chiedono solo il loro diritto di lavorare per vivere dignitosamente e per poter custodire, nutrire ed educare i propri figli. Siate sicuri della mia vicinanza e della mia preghiera; non scoraggiatevi, il Papa è accanto a voi e prega per voi affinché quando si spengono le speranze umane rimanga sempre accesa la speranza divina che non delude mai".

Washington state county eyes building ban after deadly mudslide: reports


Snohomish County was on Wednesday to consider a six-month ban on new construction in landslide-prone areas countywide after a slide last month that killed 41 people, local media reported. A rain-soaked hillside collapsed above the Stillaguamish River on March 22 unleashing a torrent of mud that swallowed up a stretch of state highway and about three dozen homes near the small community of Oso, about 55 miles northeast of Seattle. The Snohomish County Medical Examiner's Office said the remains of 41 victims had been recovered from the slide that buried the river valley neighborhood in the Cascade mountain foothills. U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday visited the site, offering condolences to the families of victims, encouragement to rescue workers and promises of government support.

Stamina, procura Torino chiude iundagine: 20 indagati

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Torino, 23 apr. (LaPresse) – Il procuratore Raffaele Guariniello ha chiuso l'inchiesta sulla 'Stamina fondation'. Sono indagati Davide Vannoni, fondatore e presidente della società, e altre 19 persone. In queste ore i legali stanno ricevendo la notifica dell'atto di chiusura indagine. Tra reati contestati dall'accusa ci sono l'associazione a delinquere aggravate e finalizzata alla truffa e l'esercizio abusivo della professione medica. Vannoni è già indagato dalla porcura di Torino – dal sostituto procuratore Giancarlo Avenati Bassi – per tentata truffa nei confronti della Regione Piemonte. …

Roma, inchiesta sull’hotel della ‘dolce vita’: sequestrati 15 milioni a 3 imprenditori capitolini

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L'istituto del trust, di derivazione anglosassone, è stato utilizzato per interporre un soggetto terzo residente all'estero tra le parti della cessione, evitando la tassazione in Italia della plusvalenza in capo ai beneficiari. Il provvedimento di sequestro preventivo – emesso dal Giudice delle Indagini Preliminari del Tribunale di Roma su richiesta della Procura della Repubblica di Roma – è volto a cautelare l'erario ai fini della confisca cosiddetta "per equivalente", per le imposte non versate, le pene pecuniarie e gli interessi maturati. …

Sbarchi, soccorsi 191 migranti: 55 donne e 11 bambini

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Altri 169 migranti, tra i quali 16 donne e 64 minori, sono stati soccorsi dalla nave Aliseo della Marina militare. Saranno sbarcati nel porto di Augusta (Siracusa) questo pomeriggio.